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The Week-Long Sentiment: A Number Of Data Released This Effect To The Market

Samuel Securities Indonesia put forward a number of economic data released gave influence to the market.

The economic team of Samuel Securities Indonesia in his research, Wednesday (19/10/2016) mentions a number of the data already released and its influence are: previous events The Fed believes the data is not solid.

Notulensi FOMC meeting show the intention to raise the FFR target. The representative of the Fed say targets the absorption of labor and inflation had been very close. U. of Mich..

Sentiment and Capacity Utilization of the US plummeting. (UST10y + 12bps yield, Dollar Index + 1.2% WoW)

Global uncertainties diminish. Deutsche Bank agreed to pay a fine of $ 38 million. Shock Brexit began to subside. (USD/GBP-4.1%, DAX + 0.9% WoW) Of the BOJ will still be loose. Governor of the BoJ would launch a range of new monetary weapons. (JGB10y yield + 5bps, USD/JPY-15bps WoW)

The widening deficit held TA. Realization of State revenue to 30 September 2016 60.5% of target. Government spending 58.7% absorption of the target so that the realization of a deficit only Rp 224.3 trillion or 1.79% of GDP. Finance Minister relaxes rules tax amnesty eight points; repatriation could be non-cash. (SUN10y + 5bps, yield JIBOR 1W-15bps WoW) Expectations of investment grade appears again. Minister hopes RI can be investment grade from S&P. BI lowered projections of lower limit of growth quarter III/2016 be 4.9% from 5.1% previously. 2016 September car sales grow soured 0.1% YoY from 6.4% YoY.  (JCI + 0.2% WoW).

Dollar liquidity is maintained. Indonesia trade surplus widened to US $ 1.2 billion from US $ 363 million after export growth improved to-0.59% YoY while import growth down to-2.26% YoY. (USD/IDR-0.5% WoW) Inflation expectations are more stable. The Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES to prepare a scheme of gradual electricity tariff increase as much as 3 times to customers 900 VA. President Jokowi confirmed the price hike on all over Indonesia must same…(Red)

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