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Wallstreet flat back

New York (Benchmark News) –

New York-in 2 days in a row, the Wall Street stock exchange in the United States (u.s.) closed flat. The rise in shares of the health sector hold back the pace of decline in stocks of energy.

The flat-Wall Street and also because of the anticipated monetary policy that will come out in the US and Japan on this week.

For the U.S., the Federal Reserve (The Fed) predicted it will not raise rates at the meeting, see would do this Wednesday. While Japan’s central bank, that the Bank of Japan, is expected to be back to apply loose monetary policy.

“There are not many who think The Fed will raise rates see tomorrow,” said Analyst Walter Todd, offered from Reuters, Wednesday(21/9/1999).

Trading on Tuesday (20/9/2016), Dow Jones index rising 9.79 points (0.05 percent) to 18,129.96. S&P 500 index climbed 0.64 points (0.03 percent) to 2,139.76. While the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 6.33 points (0.12 percent) to 5,241.35.                     

There was 5.8 billion share trade. Under average daily transactions. As much as 6.7 billion shares/day in the last 20 days. (Red

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