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Wall Street Index Noted The New Highest Level

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – United States stock exchange closing record highs in trading Monday (21/12/2016) or Tuesday morning EDT, extending the rally to the reinforcement following the presidential election.

Index Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 88.76 points or strengthened 0.47% at position 18,956.69, while the Standard Poor’s 500 index rose & 16.28 points or 0.75% to 2,198.18.

As reported by Reuters, strengthening the stock rally is driven by commodity and energy sectors, as well as the Facebook shares that drove the technology sector.

Most of the shares have been strengthened since the presidential election of November 8, 2016, by strengthening the banking sector, health care, and other companies are expected to benefit from the policy of President Donald Trump.

The energy sector index surged 2.2% and lead the strengthening of sector index S&P 500 following the strengthening of oil prices amid expectations that OPEC will agree on trimming production next week

“Post-war presidential election Rally continues,” said Bucky Hellwig, Senior Vice President of BB&T Wealth Management, Reuters was quoted as saying.

“The optimism that Trump would ease regulations and reduce taxes continue to attract money into the market,” he said.

Data from TrimTabs Investment Research shows capital inflows to the stock market reached US% 45.7 billion in the eight trading days to end Thursday last week.

During the trading session, the technology sector rose 1.1%, with shares of Facebook jumped 4.1% after the company announced a stock buyback plan worth US $6 billion last weekend…(Red)

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