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Wall Street Firms Post Speech Yellen

New York (Benchmark News) – With a low trading volume, Wall Street still noted a rise in trafficking Monday (19/12/2016). Investors chose some new sectors before the new year holiday.

“This is just a move is technically in the stock exchange. Investors are just trying to take the stock sectors that have yet to go up after the presidential elections, “said analyst at Wallachbeth Capital, Ilya Feygin like quoting

Shares of the telecommunications sector become signposts to positive area 1.1 per cent rise in the index S&P. Sector shares of technology and real estate stocks are some sectors still slow rise since records 500 days of the presidential election.

Wall Street also noted the increase in the energy sector that became the third late rise since the presidential election. “We still see a lot of consolidation. I think the opposite will line up, “said analysts at RJO Futures, John Caruso.

While the Nasdaq index recorded the highest increase throughout the daily trade. While the third main index rising 0.7 per cent towards record highs average ended trading with a rise.

The Dow Jones index rising 0.2 per cent to S&P, the index 500 19,882 rose percent to 2,262 0.2 and 0.3 percent of the Nasdaq Index rising. Microsoft’s stock and shares of United Technologies become a Sustainer of the strengthening Dow approaches the psychological level of 20,000.

Shares of the telecommunications sector and shares the health sector has also become a mainstay of the index S&P stayed in positive area. Although there are distractions from the energy sector stocks ended in negative area.
Data from economics, about the service sector PMI for December down from 54.6 54.3 in November. While Janet Yellen reveals the US has a strong labor market in the last decade. This is an indication of the wage growth is very positive.

Yellen spoke at the University of Baltimore in less than a week after the Fed raised the benchmark interest rate maximum of 0.75%. The Fed raised rates for a second time in the last decade on Wednesday last week…(Red).

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