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Trend Continues on the JCI (Jakarta Composite Index)

Jakarta (Benchmark News)Trend continues on the JCI – Waterfront Securities Indonesia projecting the trend continues on the JCI strengthening next week accompanied by some corrections. Octavianus Marbun, analyst Waterfont Securities Indonesia, estimates JCI (Jakarta Composite Index) will move strengthens moderate in next week between top-level 5.430 — 5.323 with maximum reasonable correction in level 5.211.

Trend Continues on the JCIFailure of the JCI approached the highest level historically, he explained, will correct the trend of strengthening all next week. JCI also still has to pass through some thin correction from the gap formed in the previous weeks “JCI will strengthen moderate thin correction because it is not accompanied by a successful approach the new highest level. Index moving indicator bollinger bands indicate a correction may still occur. If the level is not exceeded, then the gap will exist again overbought, “said Octavianous in the research that earned.

Octavianus also suggest investors are preparing to do a collective purchase on bluechip stocks if next week’s rate weakened with JCI (Jakarta Composite Index) turned the sales volume signfikan. Purchase target is bluechip shares which is in oversold technical basis.

He estimates next week JCI (Jakarta Composite Index) will move to form a technical pattern. Back strengthening new is going to happen after the JCI achieve support encouraged the flow of purchase of shares by foreign investors. ” Reinforcement of supported stocks that are still going on foreign purchases, namely cement shares, commodities, consumer banking, and second liner stocks, “said Octavianus.

JCI (Jakarta Composite Index) throughout the week ending on Friday (24/9/2016) ends strengthened 2.13% to 5,388.91 level of 5,267.77 level on Friday of the previous week. JCI (Jakarta Composite Index) start their weekend with a correction before consistently strengthened in the next four days. This Movement Of The Share Price Index In The Last Week in September. (Red)

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