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It’s Time To Stocks Accuumulation

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) is estimated to be flushed on Tuesday (09/13/2016). However, this right so when the accumulation saham.IHSG closed down 1.66% or 89.16 points at 5281.9, on Friday (09/09/2016) .

William Surya Wijaya, of the Research Department PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities, said CSPI resistance targets at 5402 levels, with support at 5254 level. The target will be tested to penetrate in the middle of the JCI correction. “JCI moves under pressure amid lack of positive sentiment, capital outflow that occurred is still in the stage of the fair,” he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (09/13/2016) .

He says, correction JCI, the right time for investors to take advantage of corrective action with regard beliNamun shares preferred shares. Assuming in the long term there will be a catalyst stock shares. “Momentum correction fair can still be used to make accumulated buying for investors considering the long-term index is still on track uptrend, while the short-term index is still in consolidation phase,” he explained .

Although there will be a correction, he hopes there will be a rebound JCI. Its potential for their correction causes, rebound will happen. “Support is currently seen being tested, at the level of 5254 with a target resistance at the 5,402 level, the JCI is likely to experience a technical rebound,” he said (Red)

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