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Tax Amnesty Sentiment Still Supported The Strengthening Of The JCI

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Composite stock price index closed trading Monday on strong (3/10/2016) surged 1.85% or 99.11 points at 5,463.91 levels.

From 538 shares traded, as many as 203 stocks strengthened, 109 shares weakened, and 226 stocks stagnate.

Whole or 9 sectoral indices closed JCI strengthened, with the main thrust of the consumer sector which surged 2.70%, followed by the financial sector rose 1.08%, as well as basic industry sector strengthened 3.13%.

In line with JCI, Business Index-27 also closed sharply strengthened 2.05% or 9.80 points to 487.08.

Sinarmas Securities assessing movement of JCI which tend to be strengthened going hand in hand with the realization of the acceptance of the tax amnesty through figures Rp97,2 trillion or 58.9% of the target at the end of the first period.

In addition, the positive movement of JCI was also influenced by the release of inflation data in September 2016.

As is known, the Central Bureau of statistics released the data of inflation amounted to 0.22% throughout September 2016 and annual inflation (year on year) of 3.07%

The head of the BPS Surhariyanto said the main cause of inflation in some sub sectors such as cellular phone toll rising prices, rising cost of house rent, payment of the cost of the Academy and College, the increase in the price of cigarettes filter, electricity rates, and rising prices of red chillies.

Strengthening of JCI occurs in the moment of exchanges in Southeast Asia moves the majority strengthened…(Red)

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