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Surya Toto Share dividend of Rp 51.6 Billion Interm

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk (TOTO) is planning to distribute dividends interm profit cash from being detained.

Currently the company has earnings withheld or balance profit with total Rp51,6 billion. So cite the information disclosure in the BEI, Wednesday (16/11/1999).

The dividend distribution to the company’s stock is any 1 has the right to receive an interim dividend payment of cash amounting to Rp5. This plan has got the approval of the Board of Commissioners against the Board of Directors to pay interim dividend in cash.

The shareholders of the company, among others, the band Limited, Japan, 37.90% of PT Multifortuna Asindo of 29.46% as the parent undertakings, as for the last attempt at holding is PT Marindo Inticor and PT Suryaparamitra Abadi of 25.00%.

TOTO’S business activities include producing and selling products sanitary (sink, closet, urinal, bidet, and others), such as faucets, shower fittings, and other kitchen equipment and systems such as the system kitchen, wardrobe, vanity, etc. as well as other activities related to the product.

Shares of TOTO were in stock lowest price Rp560. TOTO in the last year in closing trade on Rp520 3 August 2016. For the highest price at Rp715 at the close of November 18, 2015…(Red)

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