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Sukuk Diaspora Could Be The Driving Force Of Economic Development

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The financial services authority (OJK) saw the potential of the diaspora remittance funds is very large and can be utilized for funding the country’s development through instruments Sukuk Diaspora.

Sukuk Diaspora is in existence to contribute actively in the country’s development. In addition to investment opportunities, important things like to digugah is a sense of nationalism and patriotism, said Vice Chairman OJK, Rahmat Waluyanto at Jakarta, Monday (17/10/1999).

According to grace, Sukuk is one of Diaspora’s efforts in supporting the development of Sukuk in the financial services industry for Indonesia’s economy growth.

Grace also confirmed that Sukuk Diaspora need to be supported by good governance from the Government as well as private so that it can increase the trust and confidence of the Indonesia migrant workers that the funds invested in addition secure will also be used to improve the country’s economic development.

Grace says that migrant workers Indonesia (PMI) has a significant source of funding in support of Indonesia’s economic growth. Based on the data of the National Agency for the placement and protection of labor of Indonesia (BNP2TKI), in 2014 recorded a 6.5 million PMI work in 142 countries around the world.

Data Bank Indonesia recorded in 2014 remittance earned by PMI in the amount of USD 8,345,070,344 or equivalent to Rp 105.9 trillion, assuming exchange rates of Usd 13,000 per u.s. dollar.

In addition to migrant workers, Indonesia continued grace, presence of other Indonesia also potentially diaspora in support of Indonesia’s economic growth. The diaspora scattered in various countries were Indonesia Citizens (WNI) residing in foreign countries (including Indonesia migrant workers), the foreign citizens (FOREIGNERS) which was formerly WNI or have descendants of Indonesia, and FOREIGNERS who have proximity to Indonesia although not descendants of Indonesia…(Red)

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