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Stock Recommendations: WIKA Towards Positive Trend

Shares of PT Wijaya Karya Tbk (WIKA) has managed to penetrate the resistant its consolidation at 2,470.

According to capital market practitioners, Stephen Mulyadi Handoko, transpiration resistant accompanied by the increased volume of transactions. “This shows the magnitude of the impulse buyer in accumulating this stock,” she said on Tuesday (10/1/2017).

Technical indicators MACD has golden cross and ready to cross up above the centreline, indicating that this stock start moving in a positive trend.

The current rise in resistant areas WIKA stuck in down trend in secondary education level term 2,550. If being able to pass these resistant, open opportunities for WIKA towards targets in the range 2600-2650. Later if this stock rise continues, then the next target will go to WIKA at 2,760.

Minor 2550 target has been achieved and still be open towards the next targets. Recommendations hold shares of WIKA. Stoploss if failed to survive in 2,400…(Red).

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