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The Stock Market capitalisation of the III quarter of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES Rose 276 Trillion Rupiah

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The total market capitalisation of the shares of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES reached Rp 1.465 trillion until September 2016 or increased Rp276 trillion compared to Rp 1.032 trillion per December 2015 as an increase in the share prices of most companies.

According to the data cited Indonesia stock exchange on Sunday (30/10/2016), 18 of the 20 STATE-OWNED COMPANIES undergoing issuers increase in market capitalization since the end of the quarter III until the end of 2015/2016.

The largest market capitalisation increase experienced by the pharmaceutical company Indofarma, PT (Persero) Tbk., from Rp520 billion to Rp7,77 trillion or an increase of about 1,414%.

In that period, the price of the shares of issuers coded stock INAF itself increased 1,382% to Rp 2.542 per share compared to the share price increase of Rp168. Indofarma that does not reflect the improvement in the company’s financial performance significantly.

Until the quarter II/2016, Indofarma was still registered a loss or relatively different yet compared with the previous quarter — the quarter’s performance.

Other STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES are experiencing an increase in market capitalization of large enough are PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk. Of Rp2,86 trillion in December 2015, the market capitalization of issuers coded stock SMBR it increased to Rp15,83 trillion in September 2016.

For instance, the cement sales volume accounted for by Semen Baturaja indeed tends to be increasing compared with issuers of other cement. However, the cement market Baturaja limited in South Sumatra and the surrounding areas, unlike other issuers reach out to almost all of the big island.

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