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Rupiah Strengthened JCI Jump 1.26%

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Composite stock price Index (IHSG) ended the trading day closed in the green zone along with the strengthening of the rupiah. IHSG closed ‘ Skip ‘ to 1.26%. Asian stock exchanges also compact closed in positive territory.

Rupiah Strengthened JCI Jump 1.26% The JCI movement since early this morning until the closing of the trade session I continues to weaken. JCI started moving in positive territory after the rupiah strengthened sharply to hit u.s. dollars to as low as Rp 12,924.

Initiate trade this morning, JCI opened weakened 15.59 points (0,29%) to 5,336.546.

On the trade session I, IHSG closed down thin 5.141 points (0.10 percent) to 5,346.998. LQ45 index closed temporarily weakened 1.336 points (0.14 percent) to 923,515.

Ending the trade Tuesday (27/9/2016), IHSG closed ‘ Skip ‘ 1.26% or 67.465 points to 5,419.604. LQ45 index closed while streaking 1.71% or 15.784 points to 940,635.

Nine out of ten sector strengthened, only the agricultural sector recorded a weakening of 0.59%. Various sectors of the industry leading strengthening the highest of 2.80% followed by the mining sector amounted to 2.69%.

As many as 170 shares surged, 126 stocks down, and 87 stocks stagnate. Frequency shares traded as much as 278,888 times with total trading volume as much as 7.763 billion shares valued at Rp 10.797 trillion. Foreign funds out was recorded at Rp 503.012 billion.

Stocks that fall into the ranks of the top gainers on whom United Tractors (UNTR) rise 900 points (5, 23%) to Rp 18,100, Bank Central Asia (BBCA) rose 650 points (4.23%) to Rp 16,000, Unilever Indonesia (UNVR) rose 575 points (1.28 percent) to Rp 45,425, and Bank Mayapada (MAYA) rose 540 points (20.30%) to Rp 3,200.

Where as sahama stocks fall into the ranks of the top losers among which Astra Agro Lestari (AALI) down 250 points (1.61 percent) to Rp 15,300, Merck (BRAND) down 200 points (2.17 percent) to Rp 9,000, Pembangunan Jaya Ancol (PJAA) was down 190 points (7.95%) to Rp 2,200, and chemical Farma (KAEF) down 170 points (6,51%) to Rp 2,440.

While in the money market, the United States (u.s.) dollar weaken against the rupiah. Based on the trade data Reuters this afternoon, the U.S. dollar moved at Rp 12,950 compared the position of the opening morning at USD $ 13,025.

The following conditions of Asian stock exchange this afternoon:
The Nikkei 225 index rose 139.37 points (0.84 percent) to 16,683.93
The Hang Seng index rose 136.17 points (0.58 percent) to 23,454.09
The SSE Composite Index rose 17.74 points (0.60 percent) to 2,998.17…(Red)

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