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Ride the Double PP Prepare 8 Trillion capital expenditure in the year 2017

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Pembangunan Perumahan(Persero) Tbk (PTPP) have budgeted capital expenditures (capex/capital expenditure) of about Rp 8 trillion for the year 2017. This amount doubled from this year’s capital spending Rp 4 trillion.

Director of business development PTPP, Lukman Hidayat said, capital expenditures will be allocated to a number of investment projects and investment capital to the subsidiaries.

“This year’s Capex of Rp 4 trillion. We are again the count, but an important increasing two-fold more lah. Because we are certainty, “he said when encountered in the JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/2/2016).

He continued, this most capital expenditure will be allocated to projects of electricity which is also the middle child is rendered by one of his business PTPP energy.

“Next year’s Capex right we have the infrastructure, energy, and housing the MBR. Maybe we are most numerous in energy i.e. powerplant. Be it gas, steam, or bio. The bio right we make garbage power powerplant in Solo. Small capacity if that junk. If others are still in process, “explained him.

In addition, the subsidiary of the other i.e. PPRO, also plan to wear the capital expenditure for the purchase of the land company. PPRO landbank will add a 20-ha located mostly in Java. Currently, the company’s total landbank of approximately 65 ha.

“Yesterday’s us there which forms of cooperation or buy new. There is a joint cooperation. It hopefully next year we can get 20 ha. But this plan is not yet mature. Certainty of December. This location is in Java, “he said.

As for one of the sources of the increase in capital expenditures next year said he is encouraged by the existence of rights issue which will be implemented by the company.

“It is driven from a similar rights issue,” he said.

As information, the current number of the company’s own capital expenditure of loan reached Rp 2.6 trillion of total capex of Rp 4 trillion. He said, the rest of the capital expenditures will be used one for the construction of a steam power plant (PLTU) in Meulaboh, Aceh and also toll road projects.

“This year’s capital spending Rp 4 trillion. Now still Rp 1.6 trillion. Until the end of the year we have a powerplant in Meulaboh, there is also a toll road, “he said…(Red)

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