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REI Supports the Ministry of the agrarian to settle down spatial matters

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Association of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) welcomed the positive steps the Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial Planning (ATR) / Head National Land Agency (BPN) in solving the General Spatial Plan (RUTR) in each region.
Chairman of the Central Board REI Eddy Hussy said the strategy promises to set the zoning for housing Low-Income Communities or MBR in it.
This is important because MBR zoning will be locked by the Tax Object Selling Value or SVTO to ensure available and affordable housing MBR.
“We just had a meeting with Minister of ATR and discuss issues and listen to the exposure to the performance of what will be prioritized. So far so good and supportive of developers, “he said through a press release on Tuesday (06/09/2016).
Eddy said the ministry ATR / BPN will also carry out the mapping of land with three priority areas. All three are Jakarta, Batam and Surabaya.
However, after three regions, REI hopes that all regions in Indonesia will have a clear RUTR. Eddy continued certainty that land mapping will speed up the completion of land certification process.
“The main problem in the slow process of land titling BPN is a lack of surveyors. ATR would increase the number of surveyors significantly. The target of 10,000 surveyors in the next 2-3 years, “said Eddy.
Other important breakthrough is the digitization of land titles. All the maps and land certificates will be done digitally. According to REI, this will avoid protracted land dispute, collusion with the officers and the risk of lost land book.
“All the process to be clear and transparent, although the Minister Sofyan acknowledged that this policy needs time but this is the first step revamping very good,” added Eddy.
Eddy added ATR Ministry will also conduct an evaluation of the performance of BPN staff in the region and identify the policy and the quality of their work. For all this, REI is often confused with the understanding and implementation of different policies in the area. (Red)

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