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Recovered Property ISSP Shutter Sales 20 Percent

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT. Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia Tbk. or Spindo targets sales could rise 20% by the end of 2016, supported by increased sales in the segment of construction and power generation.

Investor Relations Spindo, Johannes Edward, said the restoration of property sales will increase steel product needs. Because the property development today rely more on the use of steel rather than wood because it is considered more durable with a cheaper price.
“For Spindo itself, seen from the increasing sales of pipes (steel) hollow,” he told Business.

He mengimbuhkan, hollow steel product can be used to support the roof, room partitions, or roof of the house. In addition, the hollow iron can be used on furniture made of metal equipment such as table legs, shelves, and cabinets.

Bank Indonesia survey showed, property sales in the second quarter / 2016 grew by 4.02% on a quarterly basis. This figure is higher than the sales growth in the first quarter / 2016 which reached 1.51%.

In addition, data from the Ministry of Public Works & Housing People shows, the realization of one million houses program has reached 400,000 units. At the end of 2016, the realization is expected to surpass the achievements of last year amounted to 690,000 units.

Johannes said the construction and infrastructure segment accounted for 60% of the company’s sales volume. As for the rest contributed automotive segment and furniture or furnishings.

Total sales volume Spindo per June 2016 reached 182 911 tonnes, an increase of 5.44% compared to the position in June 2015. Meanwhile, throughout 2015, the company stock ISSP coded it reached 372 790 tonnes. Spindo total production capacity reached 588 600 tonnes per year, contributed six factory in Karawang, Pasuruan and Sidoarjo (Ar)

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