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Quarter III Sale Of Sampoerna Agro Tends To Decrease

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk (SGRO) experienced a drop in sales to become Rp1,4 trillion as of 30 September 1999 of Rp2,1 trillion in the same period in 2015.

With a load of goods sold amounted to Rp1,3 trillion gross profit thus become Rp164,4 billion from Rp627,6 billion. So cite the information disclosure in the BEI, Monday (10/31/2016).

During this period the burden of sales by Rp41,3 billion from Rp63,2 billion. Administrative burden be Rp199,8 billion from Rp204,1 billion.

Other income amounted to Rp31,4 billion from Rp40,3 billion. While other loads being Rp7,5 billion from Rp11,4 billion. So the company suffered a loss of Rp52,8 billion businesses from experiencing business profit Rp389,1 billion.

The financial costs to be Rp154,7 billion from Rp104,1 billion. Financial income Rp25,6 billion from Rp1,2 billion.

While loss before tax be Rp182,01 billion of profits before tax of Rp286,1 billion in the same period of 2000. With tax Rp217,1 billion net income then being Rp35,1 billion from Rp200,5 billion.

Total assets of the company be Rp7,8 trillion from Rp7,2 trillion per 31 December 2015. For total liability be Rp4,5 trillion from Rp3,8 trillion…(Red)

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