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Quarter III PT Metropolitan Land Achieves 169 Billion Profit

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (MTLA) recorded a rise in profit of 6.2% to Rp169 billion from the same period in 2000 amounted to Rp159 billion.

The increase in earnings triggered by a rise in recurring income (recurring income) from the hotel and mall. One other factor that is Government policy regarding changes to the calculation of the final reconstruction of the PPH 5% to 2.5%.

Total revenues of the company being Rp765 billion or increased by 2% from thin Rp750 billion. We see the growth flattens out for the performance up to quarter III compared with the same period last year, said Olivia Surodjo, Finance Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk as citing information disclosure in the BEI, Thursday (8/12/2016).

“This is due to increased sales of new perceived since August 2016 so that hasn’t been reflected on the financial report of quarter III.”

The proportion of the income of the company’s version of marketing sales until October 2016 is derived from property sales amounted to Rp838,6 billion or 91.6% of the 2016 budget amounting to Rp915 billion. Recurring income of Rp373 billion or 93.2% of 2016 budget amounting to Rp400 billion.

We are optimistic it can hit a target marketing sales until the end of the year, the results of which will be seen in the performance of a financial report in Metland in 2018, “said President Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk, Thomas j. Angfendy…(Red).

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