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PT KAI Obtains US $ 515,000 Grant

Jakarta ( – He added that the company needs to improve the ability to perform maintenance of railway tracks for maintenance methods that exist in the company today is a method that has been very long.

Not only that, he said, increased capacity is also in line with technological development is very rapid. The development of these technologies is the use of rail grinding machine to improve rail already poor but can not be replaced.

Before doing training for human resources (HR) company in order to improve the maintenance of railways, he said, the company jointly with USTDA will appoint a consultant associated with the maintenance of the railway.

He explained that the consultant will come to Indonesia to see how the condition of the railroad in the country. After that, he added, a consultant to create a system like what is best for the condition of the railroad in the country. “And invite friends who are appointed to there,” said Budi.

In connection with the maintenance of the system which is likely to be applied in the country, he acknowledged, would not be possible at 100% with railroad maintenance systems that exist in the United States because the system is different.

He explained that the maintenance system will be applied in the country there is a possibility of modification-adjust to the conditions in the country.

The training is carried out and maintenance of railway tracks cross the northern island of Java, the Jakarta-Surabaya, he said that a pilot project. Railroad maintenance projects that, he added, is the second project.

He explained that the first project with USTDA occurred in 2011 ago. At the time, he said, the project is done related to signaling.

On the same occasion, Brian McFeeters, Charge d ‘Affairs at the US Embassy said the loan shows the government’s commitment to Uncle Sam supports Indonesia’s efforts that are improving transport infrastructure. “Companies United States wishing to participate in the growth of the Indonesian market, and this project will make a good relationship,” said McFeeters.

He added that the companies will also provide technical assistance where in it will review the standards and practices of maintenance of existing tracks by PT Kereta Api Indonesia.

Companies origin of Uncle Sam will recommend changes to improve the condition of the track, raising train speeds up to a maximum, and improve all aspects of safety.(AR)

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