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The Price Of Oil And Bank Shares Climbed A Positive Wall Street

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The Price Of Oil And Bank Shares Climbed A Positive Wall Street. Wall Street’s stock market closed positive on trade Wednesday. Appointed by the rise in the shares of the energy sector following the rise in oil prices. Bank shares also rose because of the sentiment of the rise in interest rates this year reference.

Reference interest rates rise in sentiment by the Federal Reserve (The Fed) to appear, after the data showed a strengthening economy.

Service sector activity in the US in September, its highest level in 11 months. This became a strong signal the economy is growing, and could be the reason for the increase in the interest rate reference.

Banking sector shares rose 2% after the emergence of this data.

“We took a victory lap after the emergence of the economic data are surprisingly positive,” said analyst, Kim Forrest, offered from Reuters,Thursday (6/9/1999).

About 65% market share in the U.S. estimated interest rate of reference will be raised in December.

Energy sector stocks also recorded rises 1.4%, following a rise in world oil prices.

Trading on Wednesday (5/9/2016), Dow Jones stock index climbed 112.58 points (0,62%) to 18,281.03. S&P 500 index climbed 9.24 points (0.43 percent) to 2,159.73. While the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 26.36 points (0.5%) to 5,316.02.

There are about 7 billion shares traded. Under average daily transactions, a total of 7.2 billion share/day in 20 days… (Red)

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