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Prepare a Feronikel Plant US $2 billion Vale Indonesia Need strategic partners

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Mining issuers PT Vale Indonesia Tbk. (INCO MINE) looking for strategic partners to develop this plant smelter or purification of nickel with a portion of the ownership of 70%.

Director of Vale Indonesia Nico Kanter, said the company’s Central open opportunities for prospective strategic investors to bid the construction of two projects in the Bahadopi smelter feronikel Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Pomalaa.

Area of contract works owned by INCO MINE is entirely located in Sulawesi covering 118,435 hectares with a total reserves amounted to 119.3 million metric tons. INCO MINE looking for partners in the two projects Bahadopi and Pomalaa with a minimum of 30% of the company’s ownership.

“The filing of each proposal is twofold. We are still open to other deals. We are also open yourself up to the Antam was making a project in the same location, “said he, Monday (21/12/2016).

The project will be built to produce feronikel. The company has received an offer from the company of origin of China, Japan, and Canada.

At Pomalaa project, the company has been working with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd. to produce nickel limonit seeds. The company requires a third party with most of offer is great for producing nickel ore containing high saprolitic rock become feronikel.

According to him, the project in Pomalaa and Bahodopi still awaiting licensing process from the Government, and is now in the process of feasibility study. INCO MINE will be holding a minimum 30% stake in ownership, and the remaining 70% dikempit by strategic partners.

Sumitomo in 2015 investment needs estimates count got to smelters in Pomalaa. At that time, total investment is forecast to reach US $2 billion for a period of 4-5 years.

He added, the management strategy to be the company the lowest cost a nickel. Cost components are able to be controlled by the management, rather than the selling price of nickel on the market…(Red)

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