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NHKSI: Investors Hold to buy, JCI moving flat

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – NH Korindo Securities predicts the jsx composite (JCI) in trading Wednesday (21/9/2016) still moving flats. Head of research of NH Korindo Reza Priyambada says JCI tend to be weakened in trading yesterday and still have the privilege of moving tends to test the nearest resistance at the area level with MA20 5355. some important agenda ahead of the meeting of the central banks, market participants tend to resist action to purchase.

” So the estimated JCI still tend to move flat today. Fixed pore over sentiment that exists, “he said in the research. Index to predict, today there is a support level at 5,267-5.284 and resistant 5.329-5.356.

Consideration shares a. l.: RALS 1200-1290 | Spinning candlestick indicating a bullish reversal. A at MBB with volume still flat | TRD buy slm persist above the 1200. 1190AKRA SL 6650-6900 | White marubozu indicating bullish piercing line. RSI indicator trying to bounced back from oversold area | TRD buy slm survive above the 6650. SL 6575JPFA 1580-1660 | White candlestick indicating a bullish breakaway. RSI has well-formed goldencross supported by its volumes. | TRD buy slm survive above 1580. SL 1570TLKM 4150-4450 | Inverted hammer after indicating a bullish reversal candlestick Longwhite. Price still maintain at MBB | TRD buy slm persist over 4200. SL 4140BSDE 2110-2200 | Doji Hammer after indicating a bullish hammer.

Stochastic still goes up to overbought areas | TRD Buy slm survive above 2100. 2090KINO SL 5100-5700 | Longshadowed candlestick after indicating a bullish candlestick longwhite continuing. Price still a at LBB | TRD Buy slm persist over 5100. SL 5050NIKL 670-750 | Spinning candelstick indicating as bullish reversal stochastic still in the middle of the flat area I TRD buy survive above the 670. SL 64. (Red)

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