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Next year’s Inter Contract Abroad WIKA 2 trillion

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Construction and corporate investment, the State-owned PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk., vied for a new contract of about Rp1,5 trillion-Rp2 trillion from construction projects abroad in 2017 or improved compared to the target of Rp1 trillion in 2016.

International Director, building and Investing Wijaya Karya Destiawan Soewardjono says business growth abroad is not too fast but always generate profits for the company.

“The growth of 50% of that in my opinion is pretty good also. If it’s too ambitious, we dont want to be able to project a lot but later difficulties as well. We also need to prepare a resource, his team also had to be ready, “said Destiawan at the Head Office of the company, on Wednesday (9/2/2016).

At this time, issuers coded stock WIKA it has run a service business construction in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Malaysia, Myanmar and East Timor. The contribution of overseas business against the income of the company is still relatively small but is expected to continue to increase in the future.

In 2017, the company would undertake expansion of its construction to the 5 countries Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, the Philippines and Pakistan.

Destiawan said the new contract obtained from Wijaya Karya projects overseas reached Rp600 billion through November 2016. The contract itself is derived from the projects in East Timor and Myanmar…(Red)

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