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Negative Sentiment Triggers Weakening Asian Stock Exchanges.

Singapore (Benchmark News) –  negative Sentiment from the US still affects the movement of a stock exchange in early Asian trading Wednesday (2/2/2016).

Nikkei down 1.2 per cent Hang Seng index was down 1.1 percent, ASX index down 1.05 percent, Shanghai’s index weakened 0.2 percent and the Kospi index was down 1.1 percent. So quoting

Investors are looking closely at the results of the two-day meeting of the U.S. Federal Reserve or The Fed. The U.S. Central Bank is going to announce their policy stance and today U.S. time.

But 100 percent of the results of the survey conducted, as many as 86 percent of the respondents did not predict interest rates will increase. This is in line with market expectations that considers the increase would not happen at the meeting this time.

The market also predicted at a meeting of 13-14 December, interest rates are still a quarter of a percent.

While the US pilres of the development of the fight between Trump and Hillary is getting heated up. Moreover, after the FBI investigations of Clinton’s email while still serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“If the Fed is not hinted at a rise in December, the market will not be expecting if Trump victory then there will be uncertainty and a surge in volatility in the money market. This assessment of the controlled movement of Wall Street by the weakening of the dollar and the price of gold are having a rally, “said Ric Spooner, anali on CMC Markets such as quoting

U.S. crude oil futures down 0.6 percent, at US $ 46,39 per barrel from US $ 46,67 on Tuesday. global benchmark Brent down 0.64 percent to US $ 47,90 from US $ 48,14 per barrel.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) said crude oil inventories rose US 9.3 million barrels in the week to October 28. Traders may see an official inventory data of Energy Information Administration released today U.S. time.

In Asia, revenue from Japan will be the focus of the company and companies listed in Hong Kong. Today U.S. time also shares ahead of the quarterly earnings of Alibaba technology giant China…(Red)

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