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Money Markets Expect Inflation Rate In October Was To Be Stable

Benchmarknews, Jakarta – NH Korindo Securities predicts Indonesia rupiah on trading Monday (17/10/2016) moves at the level of Rp 12.996 resistant and support Rp 13.057.

Head of research of NH Korindo Reza Priyambada said recovering the data consumer prices inflation rate provides an opportunity for Chinese yuan for strengthened and offset the rate u.s. dollars u.s. dollar rate so as to make helpless against the majority of other world currencies.

On the other hand, China’s import-export data attenuation induced earlier in the projection of a rise in interest rates The Fed likely will be delayed because it was feared that imposes negative data on the US economy undertook to make the rate u.s. dollar hampered.

Meanwhile, China’s inflation data release made market participants begin back doing action bought against world currencies, especially in the Asian continent

Now, after depreciating quite deep in the previous trading, the rate of the rupiah was able to turn strengthened over the weekend. The strengthening rupiah occurred amid a weakening of other Southeast Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar.

The movement of the rupiah that the anomaly is caused by the presence of the market participants view that Indonesia’s inflation rate in October is estimated to be stable and followed by other data improvements as well as expectations of progress will be the construction of infrastructure in Indonesia.

“The rupiah is now likely to move test the resistant level in the area of Rp 13.057 – Rp 12.996 and support,” he said in the research….(Red)

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