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Mid- 2016 PT PP realized capital expenditure 20 %

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Bechmarknews,Jakarta Sept 5. Construction and investment corporation belonging to the state, PT PP (Persero) Tbk., The realization of capital spending by 20% by June 2016 from the year’s target.

Based on the latest monthly data per August 2016 of the company said Monday (05/09/2016) stated that the capital expenditures amounted Rp594,98 billion as at June 2016, or 20% of the target IDR2.85 trillion in 2016.

The realization consists of capital expenditure for the subsidiary and the parent company. For the parent company, capital expenditures for infrastructure amounting to Rp203 billion lines and property lines Rp57,26 billion. PTPP not realized the capital expenditure for energy lines.

For a subsidiary, capital expenditures, among others for PT PP Preprints of Rp35,41 billion, PT PP Property Tbk., Rp207,39 billion and PT PP Equipment Rp91,92 billion.

Target capital expenditures during the year to reach its own energy line Rp302,46 billion, Rp459,9 billion infrastructure lines and property lines Rp606,38 billion. Target capex to PP Preprints of Rp72,66 billion, PP Rp1.23 trillion Property and Equipment PP Rp177,33 billion. (Red)

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