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Maryono : The Key Figure Of The Success Implementation Of GCG BTN

The application of the practice of good corporate governance or better known as Good Corporate Governance (GCG) became its own challenges in the face of the global financial industry competition.

Therefore, public companies must have high competitiveness, so that the implementation of GCG, both at national and international level, shall be mandatory.

Under control Maryono, no doubt the State Savings Bank, PT (Persero) Tbk is ready to ‘ take off ‘ into a red plate level financial institutions in the world.

Not a mere slogan. Highly skilled bank steps in this housing business bit by bit already prove it.

The latest, Bank BTN rewarded as a champion I Annual Report Award (ARA) 2015 for category financial SOES listed (listed in Indonesia stock exchange).

Maryono explains to get ranked first, it has implemented several strategies against his company to be the best in terms of financial reporting.

“The strategy of BTN to become number one, of course, is to improve the quality of openness, including in this case the increased implementation of good corporate governance (GCG),” said Maryono the times confer with Property & Bank, early last October.

To that end, the Corporation that existed in Indonesia should not regard the implementation of GCG standards of ASEAN as a barrier to business growth.

Maryono also confirmed that the repairs or the implementation of GCG that certainly positively impact both for the company’s performance.

So far, Bank BTN, explained Maryono, has implemented GCG factor 11 specified the financial services authority and the code of conduct.

This is also because the Bank BTN earlier has also earned her the FIG 2010 General as a champion so the company stayed doing repair and improvement in the report.

According to him, obtaining the first rank ARA 2015 this is inseparable from the attainment of the performance of Bank BTN.

“We’ve entered into the best position. This was the reason for us to how to convey maximum information in more openness over the BTN performance results, “he said.

“Not falling from the sky”

With this achievement, if judging Maryono Bank BTN will continue to improve the performance of financial performance to provide an attractive yield to investors.

“We will continue to focus to do a performance improvement company simultaneously increased the reporting in the framework of openness so that how 2017 Bank BTN can be awarded better again,” stated he.

He added, ARA 2015 is an appreciation for the company from the Government and institutions linked to the field of finance.

Last year, Bank BTN entered ranked 3 of 9 participants for the same category of financial SOES listed.

“We get the (first prize) ARA not by suddenly from the sky. But through the process of transformation, and we have not ended, “the light Maryono.

On the other hand, the bank with the core business of this housing in collaboration with the corruption eradication Commission (KPK) related gratuities.

“It’s proven true for Bank BTN. Improvement of GCG can help improve the company’s performance, “said Maryono, adds.

Talk of transformation, as the dominant bank in the financing of housing, Bank BTN directly running faster’ with ‘ keep first settled to pursue business growth.

Although highly skilled in the property business, particularly housing, Bank BTN does not want to recklessly roll out business operations.

Repairs were started through a business transformation. In the ‘ body ‘ applies a transformation that changes the paradigm supported by inspiration, creativity, innovation and invention.

Maryono says, himself wanted to change working patterns Bank BTN with mounting the basic principles of leadership and entrepreneurship, as the fundamental basis of the transformation itself.

Thus, any transformation roadmap dibentang. After the transformation of the phase I Period 2013-2015 with Survival Periodic Bank BTN, is now preparing to enter the transformation of phase II Period 2015-2019 i.e. Digital Banking.

This transformation combines two sources, namely, information technology systems and reliable human resources.

The development of information technology systems it takes four years to enhance the digital banking service in order to set the acceleration of service online.

As for the approach of the digital banking, among others, facilitate customer withdraw the funds without a slip (mark pay), online account opening and connect with ID CARDS so as to reduce counterfeiting on behalf of the people.

Here the Bank BTN strives to enlarge the capacity of electronic networks in order to make the loan process so much faster … (Red)

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