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Luhut Thrust Businessmen China Marine Investment

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Benchmarknews, Jakarta Sept 4. In his working visit to Hangzhou, China, today the Coordinating Minister (Menko) maritime Luhut Panjaitan ask the Chinese businessmen to consider Indonesia’s marine area as a place to invest.

He said investors could invest their capital in seaweed processing industry and the fishing industry. He added that some areas in eastern Indonesia such as Kupang, Dompu, Merauke, Ambon is the region that still great potential.

This was conveyed Luhut to about 900 Chinese entrepreneurs who attended the Indonesia Business Forum on Saturday (3/9), Hangzhou.

“There are about seven million square kilometers of seabed outline Indonesia is still unspoiled. It would be a lot of economic potential here,” said Luhut in a written statement to the media on Saturday (09/03/2016).

To Chinese entrepreneurs, he also said that Indonesia is an archipelagic country is great, there are 4,000 islands of more than 13,000 islands that Indonesia still do not have a name.

“There are about US $ 42 billion of economic potential that can be extracted from the fishing industry alone, therefore, we expect your arrival to Indonesia to invest in this field, we have oil at sea, has gas in the sea. Of course we will provide a business climate that is best for you, “he said

Luhut also said that besides the potential of fisheries, shipbuilding business opportunities are also open to investors. Shipbuilding business include port development and production of ships. As I said to the President, the ships used by the state to be created in the country.

“We are currently revamping the ports in Indonesia. Most ports in our country only has a depth of nine to ten meters. We were to fix this situation so that large vessels, such as transports large capacity, can enter the ports. According to My, this area is very attractive for investors, “he said.

Previous Luhut describing the state of the economy, security and politics Indonesia to date. He delivered after declining since 2011, in the third quarter of last year Indonesia’s economy began to show improvement.

He said, if you see a cycle of seven years, Indonesia should now decline. However, this did not happen this time. “We believe, seven years from now the situation will continue to improve like this and it may be much better,” he said.

Luhut also briefed on the state of Indonesian politics which he said is in good condition at all because the government and Parliament can work together.

Similarly, the security situation, although the issue of terrorist attacks still continue to exist but so far can be overcome because Indonesia now has a very good database that can be used to prevent the occurrence of terrorist attacks in a more optimal.(Red)

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