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Lippo Retail Malls Trust Debt get rid of SIN $ 150 Million

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indonesia-Lippo Malls Retail Trust (LMIR Trust), retail estate investment trust Lippo Group listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, has been paying off debt worth SIN $ 150 million which is due on 4 October 2016.

Debt is coupon number 4.25% is part of Guaranteed Euro Medium Term Note Programme SIN worth $ 750 million. Refer to the release notes contained in the Singapore Stock Exchange, part of the principal value of the payment source notes derived from loans in the bawahFacility Agreement which was agreed upon by LMIR Trust.
The other part comes from the results of issuance of subordinated perpetual securities. Viven Gouw Sitiabudi, Executive Director of LMIRT Management Ltd. said the payment of the notes produce a decrease in gearing ratio LMIR Trust be 28.5%, based on the financial report per 30 June 2016. LMIRT Management Ltd. is the manager of LMIR Trust. Notes that already paid it will be cancelled and subsequently removed from the recording of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited…(Red)

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