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The Lacks Of JCI Sentiment Moves At 5.080-5200

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Reliance Securities predicts the composite stock price index (IHSG) in trading Wednesday (28/12/2016) moves in the range of 5200-5.080 confirm lack of sentiment ahead of the new year’s holiday.

Reliance Securities analyst Lanjar Nafi said in a technical, JCI on trading yesterday confirmed a pattern of inverted hammer with the movement strengthened touching level are 5,112 MA200. Stochastic indicator golden-cross with the bullish momentum of the indicator RSI.

Furthermore, JCI will again try to break out the MA200 so able to confirm bullish butterfly pattern back harmonic pattern with the target closest to 5200 reversal.

“So it’s still a chance to move the JCI is estimated to be optimistic towards the end of the year with a range of 5200-5.080 movement,” he said in the research.

As for stocks, which can be seen today a. l. ACES, KLBF, LSIP, MPPA, UNVR, AKRA, and beautiful.

Yesterday, the JCI opened an early holiday post upbeat weekend with closed up 75.25 points amounted to 1.49% at level 5,102.95 with a relatively high volume. Industrial and consumer sectors lead the gain of this sector where previously mired the lowest level.

Speculation the majority stock price enough in the post corrected the announcement of an increase in interest rates in the U.S. make investors optimistic start window dresing in year end. Any visible foreign investors began to buy clean action amounted to IDR 253,55 billion in trading yesterday.

“The lack of sentiment made investors tend to be cautious post-holiday Christmas and towards the end of the year…(Red)

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