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KAEF Vigorous Asset Utilization

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Issuers of Pharmacy license plate red PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk. will be more vigorous performing asset utilization as one development effort. Farida Astuti, Director of Chemical Financial Farma, said it was carried out to optimize the company’s existing assets. But on the other hand pressing investment asset utilization considering spending done in built operate transfer (BOT), aka to wake up the transfers in which his side as the owner of the assets giving power on investors during the agreement.
According to him, there are more than 10 points of the company’s owned assets the KAEF coded to be on the BOT. These assets according to him scattered in Makassar, Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, and the Sumatran region. However, it has not been willing to call estimates the total revenue would later be diraup of business development asset utilization. ” Funds from them through the BOT did not spend any money at all. Extent I am not memorized but one factory Bandung if so moved to Banjarana can be optimized, “he said not long ago.

Of the record business, asset utilization plan are in fact already programe by the company since at least 2014. However, up to half of the company’s data I/2016 mentions the new company’s assets there are three experienced BOT agreements i.e. Moxy Bandung hotels, hospitals in Central Jakarta, as well as Sahardjo one hotel in the area of Matraman, Jakarta.

Prior to working with the company, PT Hotel Moxy Aura Nusantara Abadi (ANA). The hotel will be operational later this year. Even for the first year of operation of the hotel, KAEF is expected to get an infusion of Rp800 million. The number will continue to grow to the range of Rp1,6 billion per year for 25 years. After 25 years, the Chemical will belong entirely Farma. With regard to the construction of a hospital in Jakarta, the company Sahardjo embrace PT Brawijaya Investama.

The hospital will be established in the company-owned land covering an area of 4,520 sqm. Through that partnership, KAEF will get compensation for 20 years worth of Rp2,5 billion for the first year and after 10 years of dikatrol 5% of the difference in net profit. The hospital is expected to operate in 2018. Meanwhile, for the construction of hotels in Matraman KAEF invites PT Primiera Angada. The hotel berdisi on 3,000 m2. KAEF will get compensation for 25 years in cash. In the first year, KAEF will get Rp997,5 million with an increase of 2% each year. (Red)

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