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JCI Target the highest Level 5,200

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT. KGI Securities Indonesia estimated the composite stock price index in trading today, Monday (21/12/2016) moves in the range of support of 5120-resistant, and 5.040 5.270-5.410-5.525-5.620.

“JCI survive above 5,120, trends began to recover,” said KGI Securities Senior Researchers Indonesia Yuganur Wijanarko in his research.

Advanced visible improvement trend of JCI.  From the previous negative, due to the action of selling the bear clan followers had been brought down from high 5,481 JCI to 5,060, has prompted a rise above level 5,120 now support.

“To support the short-term trend break out into level 5,270 (price gap first) and price gap over the second in the daily chart at 5,450.0” said Yuganur.

PT. KGI Securities Indonesia recommends the following shares:

Bank Jabar (BJBR) (Trading target: 1.525-Rp Rp 1,625)
Technical pattern in the short and medium term improvement trend in banking for small cap emitten this makes it interesting to see accumulation in expektasi earnings performance to the fore in 2016-2017 with the scenario the next psychological resistance towards Ascension in Rp-Rp 1,625 1.525

Entry (1) Usd 1,440. Entry (2) Rp 1.607. Cut loss point Usd 1,501

Timah (TINS) (Trading target Usd 1,140 1,240-Rp)
Commodity prices that began bottoming in the last 10 years and the low valuation sectors are pretty cheap after depressed so long makes it attractive for mine emitten in medium term term accumulation, increase the potential for accumulation of rekomen next to the Rp-Rp 1,140 1,240.

Entry (1) Usd 1,040. Entry (2) Rp 957. Cut loss point Rp995

Three Pillar (AISA) (Trading target of Rp 2,150)
Technical improvements in the short and medium term emitten small cap consumer can be used as accumulation for the continuation of rising short and medium term next to Rp 2,150.

Entry (1) Usd 1,960. Entry (2) Usd 1,665. Cut loss point Rp 1,850

Bumi Serpong Damai (BSDE) (BUY) (Trading Target of Rp 1,900-USD 2,100)
Pattern improvement momentum in the short and medium term emitten property can be used as trading opportunity following the continuation of the next psychological resistance to the increase of Rp 2,100 to Rp 1,900.

Entry (1) Rp 1.805, Entry (2) Rp 1.785. Cut loss point Rp 1.755…(Red)

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