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JCI Is Still Likely In The Positive Area

Benchmarknews, Jakarta – A technical Basis, the rise of JCI at yesterday’s opening weekend hopes to return a positive move in this weekend. At least in the early weeks, JCI could continue reboundnya.

According to capital market practitioners, Stephen Mulyadi Handoko, during the last two weeks the JCI tend to only move sideways in a range of 5,295 to 5,476. Positive economic data that Indonesia has been released, such as the data of inflation, foreign exchange reserves, the level of retail sales and rising commodity prices, not able to withstand the pressure from external signal rise overshadowed by the fed’s rate grew stronger by the end of the year.

“The last Candle JCI enough pretty bullish engulfing pattern, form, indicating a bullish reversal and the market’s optimism. Projected at the beginning of the JCI week will move in a range of 5.365-5.425. Technical indicator Stochastic had the golden cross, while the MACD still moving horizontally above the centreline. From this condition indicates the JCI group still in the trend of positive movement, “he said of the week (16/10/1999).

JCI is still continuing its consolidation level transpiration admits all time highnya. “I still see, JCI potentially forming the pattern of the inverted head & shoulder when able to penetrate with a volume of 5,476 level convincing.”

The level of transpiration will lead JCI continued its bullish rally with a target towards the target, and a minor 5,825 in 5,700. But instead remain cautious, when JCI failed to continue his Ascension and instead chose to move down to penetrate to the bottom support 5,295. Transpiration down such support would frustrate pattern inverted Head and Shoulder could make & JCI 5,135 level down to.

Appointment of new MINERAL RESOURCES Minister sentiment that is considered a pro market strengthened JCI will make continued, at least at the start of trading this week. While release of the report on the financial performance of banking like BBNI, BJTM & BJBR judged quite positive, so assumed the financial performance of other banking also designate positive.

This makes banking stocks are seen starting to rebound and move up on the weekend yesterday. If the finance sector is the sector with the largest market caps in the JCI is really starting to move up, then it is likely the highest level can pass through the JCI. Moreover, if the later rise in the banking sector, backed by other large issuers-issuers such as UNVR, HMSP and ASII, then certainly the JCI would continue strengthened and scored the highest new price record. For it to be aware of the release of the financial performance of the issuers in the third quarter will out, especially large issuers-issuers…(Red)

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