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JCI index moving positively

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – JCI day opens with rising 0.11% or 6.23 points to 5,436.28 level and strengthened 0.21% or 11.45 points to level 5,441.50 at 09 pm. Trading on Tuesday (18/10/2016), also closed with a gain of JCI 0.36% or 19.75 points at level .05 5.430.

As many as 19 stocks rose, 17 stocks move move weakened, and 502 stocks stagnate from 538 stocks listed on the Indonesia stock exchange this morning. Seven of the nine sectoral JCI index moving positively with major support from the mining sector gained 1% and basic industrial sectors rose 0,44%. As for the two other sectors negative move with major pressure from the agricultural sector which weakened 0.32%. Rise of JCI when other exchanges occurred in Southeast Asia move strengthened. Index FTSE Straits Time Singapore rose 0.32%, Thailand rose SE index thin 0.01 percent, index PSEi Philippines uphill 0.70%, while the FTSE index KLCI rose 0.09%, Malaysia Strengthening JCI also in line with the strengthening of the MSCI Asia Pacific index and a number of other regional indices.

Early this morning, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index climbed 0.1% to 139.49 at 09.02 am Tokyo and then strengthened 0.1% at 09:25 a.m. Tokyo time (pkl. 07 PM BST). S&P/ASX 200 index Australia this morning also reported rising 0.2% along with index S&P/NZX 50 New Zealand which was up 0.1%. Meanwhile, the Kospi index rose turned up to 0.16% or 3.31 points to 2,043.74 at 7:08 PM GMT.

” For the Interior, we see the potential for JCI back strengthened, amid the rise of the rupiah exchange rate opportunities following the weakening of the US dollar and bullishnya commodity prices, “wrote Samuel securities research Indonesia. In line with the movement of the JCI, Bisnis27 tracked index also strengthened 0.22% or 1.07 points to 485.38, after opening with a rise in thin 0.02% or 0.11 points at the position of 484,42. The movement of the exchange rate of the rupiah strengthened plundering of 0.17% or 22 points to Rp 13.003 per u.s. dollar at 09 pm…(Red)

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