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JCI After Declining this week Continue strengthening

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indonesia stock exchange (idx) records the performance of the composite stock price index (IHSG) at this week-long, 14-18 November 2016, has decreased approximately 1.18% to 5,170.11 points compared to 5,231.97 points the previous week.

“Performance that presents to the JCI BEI make Indonesia capital market capitalization changes of 5,945. 1.21% to Rp,16 trillion from the previous Rp 5.657 64 trillion,” said head of Communications Among Aji Yulianto BEI in his remarks in Jakarta, Sunday (20/2/2016).

From the side of the stock trading activity, continued he, throughout this week’s average daily transaction frequencies undergo correction 335.36 percent to 5.32 thousand transactions of 354.19 of thousands of transactions on the week before.

While the average daily trading volume of transactions also recorded decline 26.05 percent to 10.70 billion units of shares of a stock unit 14.47 billion in all of last week.

“As for the average daily transaction value declined 81.34 per cent to Rp8,26 trillion from Rp44,25 trillion, because it is affected by the transaction is closed (crossing) in the market of the negotiations at the end of last week,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Asjaya Indosurya Securities analyst William Surya Wijaya said, the flow of foreign funds out of a domestic stock market as well as commodity price fluctuations that tend to affect the pattern of motion still declining JCI.

However, he continued, the domestic economy is still relatively stable can still open up opportunities for JCI to return a positive move.

“Predictable, JCI will move in a range of 5.078-5,267 points on trade of startup weekend (Monday, 21/11) tomorrow with the potential to strengthen,” he said.

Reliance Securities analyst Lanjar Nafi add technical indicator, in Relative Strength Index (RSI) still give a positive signal. Detection indicator trends like ADX, started giving short-term trend direction reversal for JCI.

“A sense of optimism early in the weekend tomorrow (21/11) is still quite noticeably. JCI is expected to move in the range of 5.145-5.230 points with a tendency strengthened, “he said…(Red)

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