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JCI Declined Only Global uncertainty

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Composite stock price index (IHSG) at the opening of trading Monday (14/12/2016) opened degenerate 53.945 points (1.03 percent) to 5,178.026. On the trade session I, IHSG closed fell 137.713 points (2.63 percent) to 5,094.258.

The weakening of the JCI started to happen since the opening of trade Friday (11/12/2016) post win or Donald Trump on election United States (us).

According to the President of Indonesia stock exchange (idx) Tito Sulistio, JCI slump two days later this was more due to global uncertainty over the Trump campaign promises. Market participants chose to withdraw funds from the BEI, but Trump campaign promises is not necessarily applied.

“Today I just give data. The bottom line there is uncertainty makes people short-term minded, “said Tito at the Hard Rock Cafe Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta, Monday (14/12/2016).

Himself says, the performance of issuers in BEI fall into the category of good. Even growth of issuers listed on the BEI on average 15%.

The rise in JCI along 2016 in BEI is the highest in the world compared to index the capital markets in other countries. So the decline of JCI approached 5,000 level still considered reasonable.

“Companies as the commodity is still a good result, his growth a year still above 15%. Meaning is still good, so if any one thing happens, we are also rising, “said Tito.

However, on the other hand, Tito was not denied the existence of victory influence Trump against the weakening of JCI and the large number of foreign investors selling their shares. Whereas, from the company’s side in the BEI, overall performance is still going well.

“The psychology of true Trump Effect, there is uncertainty, people dont think long run so high cost. All stocks of the commodity fundamentals are still good, so we’re not afraid, “said Tito…(Red)

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