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JCI Continued Tends To Weaken

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – JJCI still tend to move down. After briefly rebounding to touching level 5,211, JCI again weakened.

According to capital market practitioners, Stefenus Mulyadi Handoko, JCI is still not able to pass through the gap in 5,231 resistant, so it is likely to go down further. “Technically, the JCI currently is still in downtrend,” he said Sunday (26/11/1999).

This pattern will be confirmed when the JCI back down forming a lower low, with a pierced bottom support 5,043. Transpiration the JCI would bring support for the target down to a minor are the main target, with 4,937 at 4,766.

For earlier this week, JCI potentially moving in the range of support at 5,079, while in resisten was at level 5147. Technical indicator Stochastic return death cross and move down. While the MACD is still moving down below the centreline. “This can be inferred from the JCI still tend to be negative in phase moves downtrend.”

While an economic agenda that could be observed this week is the release of the inflation data and manufacturing on Thursday December 1, 2016. While from abroad, some of the agenda and the important economic data will be brought to the attention of the market participants is the President of the ECB Statement Monday, Mario Draghi. On Tuesday, the release of unemployment data Release of GDP data, Japan and the US consumer kepecayaan. Wednesday, the OPEC Meeting, the statement of the President of the ECB Mario Draghi, the results of stress tests on Banks in the United Kingdom, the release of u.s. oil supply data.

On Thursday, Chinese manufacturing data Release, the release of unemployment data for the euro zone, unemployment claims data and the release of u.s. manufacturing. Friday’s release of U.S. jobs data…(Red)

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