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JCI Could Continue Strengthening Along This Week

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indonesia stock exchange (idx) records the movement of the Composite share price Index (IHSG) along the first weekend 2017 experiencing reinforcement 0.95 percent to 5,347.02 points compared to the 2016 final position at the level of 5,296.71 points.

“Similar statements by JCI’s market capitalization, the value of capital Indonesia also suffered a strengthening of 0.95 percent to IDR 5.808 .51 trillion compared to  previously IDR 5.753.61 trillion,” said the head of the Corporate Communications Division of IDX Yulianto Aji among others in the official description in Jakarta, Sunday (8/1/2017).

He added that the IDX also recorded an average daily share trading transaction frequency in all periods 3-6 January 2017 12.41 percent to experience increased 251.09 thousand times thousand times 223.36 transactions from transactions on the week before.

However, he continued, the average daily transaction volume of IDX in that period declined 51.91 percent to 8.04 billion units of shares of a stock unit 16.72 billion compared to before, and the average transaction value stock trading IDX also decline 33.66 percent to IDR 5,26 trillion from IDR 7,93 trillion in the period the previous weekend.

On the other hand, he says that transactions foreign investors during the period 3-6 January 2017 notes sell clean along this week with a value of IDR 361,9 billion.

“However, in over the past year foreign investors net purchase has recorded IDR 16,16 trillion,” he explained.

Separately, Asjaya Indosurya Securities Analyst William Surya Wijaya projecting JCI potentially experiencing continued strengthening as it will release data on foreign exchange reserves Indonesia December 2016 period which was intended to be released by Bank Indonesia.

“The JCI would welcome the release of data on foreign exchange reserves are projected to increase. Thus, JCI potentially experience increased further on trade, “he said.

He predicts the movement of JCI IDX at the beginning of the week (Monday, 9/1/2017), will move in a range of 5.234-5.388 points with a tendency strengthened … (Red)

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