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JCI Awaits Window Dressing

Composite stock price index (IHSG) rose 0.26% to 5,139.06 on Tuesday (23/12). Foreign investors still records the net sell of Rp 199.3 billion. Asian exchanges following the JCI movement that is reflected in the MSCI Asia Pacific index dropped 0.7% to 462.26 at Hong Kong time at 16.

Net Securities analyst Fadli said, the transaction JCI quiet ahead of year-end holidays. But to note the existence of the activities improve the common portfolio called window dressing. “Stocks such as STATE-OWNED COMPANIES and other issuers start doing window dressing ahead of the weekend,” he said.

David Nathanael Sutyanto, analyst with First Capital Asia, assumed the transaction JCI lonely though, investors are still waiting for economic data to be issued United States (us). “The end of the year there is still data-data that is ready for release. But, the most important is the data of gross domestic product (GDP), “he said.

If the data is US GDP goes up, then it would be negative for the sentiment index stocks. Such indicators could convince The Fed raise rates. Today, David predicts, the index moves of 5120-5.170 and Fadli estimate, JCI at 5,090-5.190 range…(Red).

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