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Jahja Setiaatmaja : Figure Behind the Success of BCA

Jakarta (Benchmark News) –  Jahja Setiaatmadja one of the most important figures in the course of PT Bank Central Asia (BCA). He is believed to occupy the post of Chief Exeutive Officcer (CEO) BCA since 2011. Known as a hard worker, in the lead BCA Jahja likens himself as the conductor who led the orchestra.

“My principle in the lead is like a conductor leading the orchestra. In essence, we must know what the tone should arise from any kind of instrument, although we do not need to be adept at playing the instrument. Then is important too, we must know who you think he will listen and see the orchestra play us, “said Jahja in his biography The conductor, Jahja Setiaatmadja Journey To Become CEO of BCA.

According to Jahja, determine the audience is very important, because it is associated with the selection of songs repat. Play good music and selecting the right song, will make an appearance orchestra becomes riveting.

“And in the event of discordant tones, we must know where the discordant tones it. We need to give corrective action, which asks players to music is concerned to check whether the problem lies in the instrument or on him. With such an attitude, we can lead well, “he said.

As a boss Jahja also needs to solicit input from subordinates, and that all should be treated equally, to be a decision. And when it was decided, as boss Jahja must dare to be responsible.

Jahja is known as a formidable and innovative CEO. He never stopped doing various major breakthrough and jelly capture business opportunities.

BCA’s President did not hesitate to express clearly the secrets behind the success of the Bank became the largest bank in Indonesia and the third largest in Southeast Asia, namely study, study, and learn.

“BCA tried to find out the needs of the community and provide a variety of means and needs of the community with the best possible service. In an era of tight competition, it is to create customer satisfaction and loyalty, not because of low prices, but because of excellent quality, especially the quality of service, “he said seriously.

According to him, the success of BCA is not solely because of its role, but because of team work. He claimed part of the team work. “I am not a super hero. Therefore, there are only super hero in American films, which can overcome all, “he said, smiling.

Jahja indeed prioritize team work. To make a good team work, he said, must embrace all levels of the workforce so they can jointly get strong support.

“And if the team work that is well maintained, something to do together will surely be easier than relying on one or two individuals. My philosophy is always the case. And so far, friends can fully support. BCA and the results are the result of team work, not because there is a super hero or a great people, “he said.

Leading a company of the BCA is certainly not easy. Myriad obligations and responsibilities to be carried, reputation must be maintained and the responsibility to continue to excel and improve employee performance.

“All this of course I can not do alone. My colleagues and supported by dedicated employees and of course the family, “he said.

In the midst of the banking business competition, of course, the leader of the company or CEO in the spotlight of various parties. CEO becomes representative of the company.

“The leader of the company responsible for encouraging and building working climate to motivate all employees and management to always provide the best service, in this case as BCA service to our loyal customers,” he said.

As a representative of a company, a leader would have to have a good reputation. In addition, a leader has a number of other criteria that need to be met in order to create positive value for the company. Leaders are also working together with all employees together to achieve the vision of the company.

“Not only myself, but the entire board of directors and a large family BCA working hard to improve the performance and reputation of the company. Regardless of the success that has been achieved BCA, either through individual or collective, is the success of us all, “he said.

Jahja was born on the family bank employees. His father worked at Bank Indonesia, and His last position was head cashier. Jahja the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. In the last days of college, Jahja decided to look for work. In 1979, he worked as a Junior Accountant in the public accounting firm Pricewaterhouse.

After that he moved to PT Kalbe Farma until then he believed served as Finance Director of Kalbe Group in charge of managing the entire finances of Kalbe Group.

Early in 1989 John got an offer to work in Kornferry, a headhunter company from Singapore. He offered to work in Indomobil, one of the Salim group. He accepted the offer as long as the opportunity to further develop there. In Suzuki Car Group Finance Director Jahja position.

Then in 1990, Jahja worked at BCA as deputy head of the Finance Division. Then in 1999 he was appointed as Head of Treasury Division of BCA. Subsequently he became Director of BCA 1999-25 period December 29 May 2005. After that Jahja occupied the position of Vice President of the Bank on May 26, 2005. His career continued, and since June 17, 2011 as President Director of BCA until now.

Long career journey not only brought Jahja up in their current position, but led received various awards from both inside and outside the country. Throughout 2015 Jahja received numerous awards, including Best CEO in Finance Asia Award’s: Asia’s Best Companies 2015, one of the Best CEO selection, Bisnis Indonesia, Best CEO, Asiamoney’s Best Executive 2015 in Asiamoney Award 2015 in Hong Kong, People Bank Indonesia at the Award bank Indonesia in 2015, Spoke Person of the Year 2015 at the PR People of the Year 2015, Indonesia Most Admired CEO, and Marketeer of the Year.

“The awards that I personally and BCA received was always a motivation for large families BCA to improve performance and banking services to customers,” he said (Red)

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