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Intiland Off 571 million shares worth 325 billion In Interests Of foreign investors.

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Sucorinvest Central Gani managed to do a placement of shares of PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD) on September 30, 1999, a total of 571 million shares at a price of Rp 570 per shares or approximately Rp 325.47 billion, at a discount of 10% over the closing price Thursday, September 29, at USD $ 635 per sheet.

Buying and selling is done between the parties are to take off old stock founder to several well-known institutional investors from home and abroad. Optimism high over Indonesia’s economy and the success of the Government’s Tax Amnesty program is visible from a number of foreign investors that dominate this placement transaction.

PT Sucorinvest Central Gani is supported by the American partner Decker & co in interests of foreign investors from America, Europe and Asia. Decker & co is a stock broker that specializes in emerging market countries and frontier market.

The success of the program a Tax Amnesty is expected to make the domestic property sector back passionately with the influx of funds and the repatriation of wealth in the country which had not record.

Institutional Equity Director, Jerry Sarmiento, from the results of research carried out Sucorivest look that PT Intiland Development Tbk has the right assets in strategic areas which can potentially be a target funds a Tax Amnesty, such as Project Budget in the area of Kebon CBD Jakarta, unique office complex in South Jakarta South Quarter adjacent to the MRT station, which is predicted to be completed in 2018, as well as in the city of Surabaya as project high rise Graha Gold Surabaya the low rise projects, and residential complex Rosebay Graha Natuna.

This transaction is a major achievement and pride because it is performed by a privately owned securities firm. During this great deals in the Indonesia capital market in general use brokerage services to foreign or STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES.

PT Sucorinvest Central Gani will continue to perform strategic steps in achieving the target company at the end of the year 2016….(Red)

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