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Industrial Bank Credit Will Go Up 9% All 2016

Industrial Bank CreditJakarta (Benchmark News) – Economists PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. David Sumual projecting growth of Industrial Bank Credit Will Go Up 9% All 2016 until the end of this year.

Bank Indonesia notes the credit growth of Industrial Bank Credit in July 2016 reaches 7.7% on an annual basis or lower than the previous month’s growth of 8.9% year on year. Meanwhile, the growth of third party funds (DPK) reached 5.9% year on year.

“This year, banking claimed that demand from the sector which has not been much ril. Private parties have not made a big expansion, “he said when contacted by business, Friday (23/9/2016).

Based on Indonesia’s Banking Statistics July 2016 published authority financial services, public bank credit value reached Rp 4.161 trillion. As for the channelling of public bank’s credit business activities (book) 1, 2, 3 and 4 are each worth Rp74,78 trillion, Rp Rp561,3 trillion, 1.525 trillion and Rp 1.842 trillion.

Meanwhile, the field the most absorbing high credit from public banks industry in July 2016 i.e. large and retail trade worth Rp806,02 trillion, followed by the processing industry Rp737,14 trillion and agriculture, hunting and forestry reached Rp263,48 trillion.

Earlier, Bank Indonesia has done banking industry credit revision 2016, from the initial projection of 10%-15% to-7%-9%. The reasons given Indonesia’s economy predicted to grow lower than the previous assumption.

Originally, the central bank projected the rate of credit this year from a position of 11%-13%. As for Indonesia’s economic growth projection this year trimmed be 4.9%-5.3% from the initial target of 5.1%-5.4%-until the end of the year, credit banking Indonesia’s forcast to grow 9%(red)

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