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Indo Premier: Target rise in JCI Move at Level 5,375-5,435

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indo Premier Securities predicts jsx composite on trade today, Friday (10/20/2016) moves in the range of 5,375 – 5,435.

Research team Indo Premier Securities said the index closed above MA20 and form a pattern of spinning top which is the indecision, stochastic signal dead cross while the MACD is positive.

The “Target index increases at level 5,435, then 5,465 with support at 5,375 and the 5,345.0” wrote Indo Premier in risetnta received today, Friday (21/10/1999).

Indo Premier Securities recommends the following shares:

BBNI (5,450)
Recommendation: Buy Spec

Candle closed above the EMA (5.10) as well as forming a doji pattern is positive, stochastic signals indecision while the MACD is negative. Target price increase at level 5,525 then 5,600 with support at 5,350, cut loss if break 5,300.

BBCA (15,750)
Recommendation: Buy on Weakness

Candle closes below the EMA (5.10) and formed the black opening marubozu bearish signal which is a continuation, stochastic and MACD cross dead bearish cross over. Target purchase price is at a 15,650 level range – with 15,550 resist in 15,850 15,950, then cut loss if break 15,300.

LPPF (19,150)
Recommendation: Sell on Strength

Candle close above the EMA (50) and form a pattern of long marubozu white which is a bullish continuation, stochastic signal over bought and the MACD is negative. The target price is at a level range with support at 19,650 18,650, cut loss if break 18,150…(Red)

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