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IDX: Issuers Must So Players In Global Markets

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Indonesia stock exchange (idx) increasingly aggressive to encourage companies that have issued to become active players in the global market.

Samsul Hidayat, Director of company valuation Indonesia stock exchange, said it will invite a dozen issuers headed to New York to open a stock trading transactions in the land of Uncle Sam that.

“The standard will be made. The scheme that could be done, for various initial stages will unlock insight issuers first. Issuers we must have a global mindset and become global players, “he said on Tuesday (4/10/2016).

He mentioned there are several criteria which issuers can do the side i.e. from listing the liveliness in the transaction, the investor and stock price growth issuers. He reveals not a blue chip should participate to the capital markets in New York.

Samsul revealed when issuers in Indonesia is already a global player then the company does not need to await fresh funds loans from domestic banking, for issuers that dual listings would able to find investors for fresh funds and from other countries.

In addition to New York, IDX is also the middle of discussing with Malaysia to pave the path of trading shares of cross country. Through the ways it, IDX wished to increase the frequency of daily trading and the number of investors in the capital markets.

To do the dual listings and open stock trading transaction line cross country, he said, it is a medium and long term to realize the plan. He revealed that implementation is not possible just a year.

Until October 4, 2016, average daily trading reached 253,806 frequency of transactions. Meanwhile, the value of trade by foreign investors and domestic each worth Rp511,1 trillion and Rp680 trillion.

Tito Sulistio, President Director of Indonesia stock exchange says to August 2016 recorded domestic investors 531 listings in Indonesia and there has been no foreign investors who listings. I went for it, in Malaysia stock exchange there are 894 domestic investors and foreign investors.

As a comparison, as for the number of companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in August 2016 reached 2,322 company. In 2010, the number of issuers on the NYSE had reached 2,317 company or growing 0.2% up to this point.

Meanwhile, Malaysia stock exchange listing issuers that experienced a decline from the position of 956 issuers in 2010 be 904 issuers until August 2016. These conditions are very different from issuers that Indonesia capital market, listed grew 26% in the last five years…(Red)

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