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IDX: Interest Rate FED JCI Ride Unrestrained

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Central Bank of the United States (The Fed) to raise benchmark interest rates (Fed Funds Rate) rose 25 basis points to a range of 0.75-0.50-percent level. Indonesia stock exchange (idx) rate rise in the Fed Funds Rate will not unduly affect the performance of composite stock price index (IHSG).

IDX President Director Tito Sulistio said, the JCI is one guideline for investors in investing in the stock market will move stable though shadowed by the sentiment of the U.S.

“The question of interest rates the Fed, I believe our capital markets already restore in undisturbed and that sentiment,” said Tito in Jakarta, Thursday (15/12).

According to him, during Indonesia’s economic fundamentals are positive and supported the growth of the company’s performance is recorded or issuers in the capital market industry then IDX undisturbed.

Currently, Tito said, the performance of the JCI IDX is still one of the best in the world with the growth of 14.40 per cent in the year to date (as of ytd). Based on the data, the growth of JCI IDX are ranked second in the world after the stock exchange of Thailand.

In addition to The Fed, Tito also said the policies to be pursued by the President of the United States elected Donald Trump later on next year as a decline in taxes, reduce immigration also projected the country’s economy can push Uncle Sam who indirectly dampat gave a positive for Indonesia swept up.

“I don’t see any less good a State policy that, if the U.S. is good we will also be affected by the good. Currently, the only fear being the exchange rate of the US dollar rise and the rupiah down, it can be anticipated, “said Tito.

The Chief Executive of the capital markets Watchdog the financial services authority Nurhaida added that the tax amnesty program is running it will also undertook to maintain the stability of the Indonesia capital market industry.

“There will be funds from a tax amnesty program that goes, in my estimate of funds it started to go to the capital markets at the beginning of the year 2017. The sentiment of the Interior it will effect positive on our market, “he said…(Red)

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