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IDR Predicted Strengthened Moves 12900 in the range up to 13100

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Bahana Securities estimates the United States dollar over the rupiah exchange rate on trade today, Wednesday (18/10/2016) moves in the range of 12,900-13.100. Bahana Securities Technical Analyst Mohammed Wafi predicting the rupiah strengthened on trading moves today. “Rupiah (17/10/2016) weakened to as low as 13,069 closed. Today (18/10/2016) is expected to move dikisaran 12,900-13.100, with a tendency strengthened, “said Wafi in his research. As is known to the exchange rate of the rupiah closed trading Monday on weakening (17/10/1999).

The rupiah depreciates closed 36 points or 0.28% in level of Rp 13.069 per u.s. dollar, after trading at Rp 13.037 range – Rp 13.086 per us dollar.

The weakening of the rupiah exchange rate occurs when the majority of Asia also traded weakened amid the U.S. dollar index had strengthened.

Surplus of the trade balance in the country increased to US $ 1.21 billion, could not afford to Greenwash of the movement of the rupiah yesterday.

In detail, the value of exports in September 2016 reached US $ 1.84 billion or declining 12,51%. Meanwhile, the value of imports in September 2016 reached US $ 11.30 billion or down 8.78% compared to the previous month.
Despite experiencing a surplus, but the cumulative export value from the beginning of the year until September 2016 recorded declining 9.41% compared to the same period last year. The same thing also happened in the volume of imports cumulatively down 8,61%…(Rate)

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