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High Yield Bonds Indonesia Most In Asia

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Throughout the current year, the yield (yield) bonds Indonesia dropped most among other Asian countries. However, yields remain high in most of Asia. According to the data of the Asian Bonds Online, yield government bonds 10 years tenor Indonesia has dropped to as low as base points 183.3 6.91% since the beginning of the year until the closing of the trades on September 26, 2016.

The decline was the sharpest decline in yield compared with the tenor of the bonds 10 years local berdenominasi published by the Government of a number of Asian countries, even the United States. Throughout the current year, u.s. Government bond yield dropped to as low as bps 1,58 68.6%. In Asia, the decline in yield drastic enough bonds are also experienced by the Singapore bonds down 84.6 bps be 1.75%, Malaysia bonds down 60.9 bps into Korea bonds 3,57%,-1.48% 60.0 bps into Viet Nam, bonds down 57.5 bps became 6.60%, and bonds Hong Kong down 51.7 bps be 1.06%.

In other Asian regions, the Philippine Government bonds yields down 49.1 bps became 3,619%, bonds Thailand-33.8% of bps into Japan-bonds, 32.9 bps to-0.06%, and China down 13.1 bps became 2,73%. The magnitude of the decline in the yield on Treasury bonds yields make bonds Indonesia Indonesia is currently in the first order. (Red)

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