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Gold Mining Company PSAB offer stoks 950.44 Billion

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Gold mining company PT J Resources Tbk. (PSAB) to raise funds from the private placement to strengthen its capital with a target can be scooped Rp950,44 billion.
Prospectus released by the company, on Monday (09/05/2016), said the capital increase without rights issue (PMTHMETD) a maximum of 10% of the total issued and fully paid.
Issuers coded PSAB shares it will issue 2.64 billion new shares with a nominal value of Rp20 per share. The action of the private placement will seek approval in a general meeting of shareholders (AGM) on October 12, 2016.
Management PSAB set the exercise price of the private placement amounted Rp359,2 per share. The action of a private placement made 9.09% shareholder dilution.
Extra Rp52,92 billion of private placement, making the total capital and paid-up ditemparkan be Rp582,12 billion. Total cash and cash equivalents of the company increased to US $ 75.09 million from US $ 6.2 million with the addition of US $ 68.89 million.
Until now, the shares are owned by J PSAB Mining Limited resources amounted to 92.5%. Meanwhile, the public ownership of 7.5%. Not long ago, PSAB also has completed action stock split with a ratio of 1: 5.
To that end, the company’s issued and paid up capital has increased five-fold to 26.46 billion shares. Corporate action is also done to increase the liquidity of the company’s shares in the market. (Red)

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