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Finance business expansion 2017, Indonesia Eximbank Publish Bonds 14 trillion

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indonesia Eximbank will issue bonds Rp14 trillion in 2017. Adisusanto, Managing Director of raharjo, Indonesia Eximbank (Export Financing Institutions Indonesia) said the results of the issuance of these bonds will be used to finance expansion of the rupiah as well as repayment of maturing bonds.

“The issuance of the order to pay the bonds maturing in 2017 amounting to Rp8,46 trillion rupiah financing for expansion the rest of it,” said Raharjo in Jakarta on Monday (19/12/2016).

He said the rupiah bonds with financing fulfillment of this will be published in two series a round of funding. Because of Rp24 public offer Sustainable plafond trillion (PUB) III, his side have only a remnant that can be issued amounted to Rp9 trillion. PUB III planned to spent in publishing twice.

In the meantime, said Raharjo, Indonesia Eximbank 2016 to be the institution of the issuer of bonds and securities.

He said this year it published the securities amounting to Rp16,2 trillion. The funds obtained through the issuance of bonds four times and twice the medium term note.

While to the fulfillment of the financing in the form of us dollars, Raharjo said his party will withdraw in 2017 loan amounting to US $1.3 million. This number is used for refinancing of US1 million dollars as well as the expansion of US $300 million.

Raharjo stated already many agencies financing stating its readiness to procure a loan to the company. Indonesia Eximbank, he said, would attract loans from institutions that offer the most attractive terms. “January will be designated lead manager (for withdrawal of lending dollars).”

Ngalim Sawega, Executive Director of Indonesia Eximbank, said it is targeting growth in 2017 financing of 14,47%.

This target more moderate compared to the realization of growth financing in the last 3 years. He said the target of this consolidation considering the export destination countries still have challenges.

He said the risk still includes the slowness of economic recovery in the U.S. and China, the uncertainty after the appearance of the United Kingdom from the Euro zone (Brexit), as well as the weakening of all sectors in Japan.

“The Industry is still the main priority of Indonesia Eximbank financing portfolio, with a share of 46%, followed by agriculture and agricultural (12%), and mining (10%),” said Ngalim.

The inclusion of State capital

Raharjo said it expects its investment in the country’s capital (a) amounted to Rp3,2 trillion in 2017 can extend the reach of the company’s performance.

Raharjo said a number of it, amounting to Rp2,2 trillion will be used for the expansion of export markets through National Interest accounts (NIA). With the support of the company can finance the projects lies however less attractive commercially.

While the remainder of Rp1 trillion, said Raharjo, used to strengthen the company’s capital in order to maintain the quality of its rating. With a good rating, the interest owed by Indonesia Eximbank relatively cheaper.

“Because we are the source of their funding one of the capital market. For it is very important to strengthen the rating, “said Raharjo…(Red)

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