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The Fed’s Rate Is Almost Certainly Rising Index Continue Strengthening

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – United States dollar maintaining reinforcement at the start of trading this week, with investors speculating that the U.S. rate as almost certainly occurred on Dec.

The U.S. Dollar index, tracking the movement of the greenback against other major currencies, rose observed 0.13% at level 101.34 at 4 pm.

As quoted Bloomberg, the probability of a rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve reference upcoming December reached 98% today.

With the prospect of the election of Donald Trump as the US President shook the market, his vow to boost infrastructure spending has fueled speculation on a rise in the interest rate benchmark, which supports the longest rally in the US dollar the yen since 1988.

Previously, The Fed Governor Janet Yellen told members of Parliament that the central bank will raise interest rates, with speculation that the President-elect will improve the fiscal stimulus that triggered speculation over a policy tightening in 2017.

“We have little doubt that the global market is shifting towards a new paradigm in which politics and fiscal policy will be much more prominent,” said Philip Borkin, senior economist of the ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd., Bloomberg was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the yen weakened Japan amounted to 0.07% or 0.08 points to as low as 110.99 yen per u.s. dollar at 06.53 BST…(Red)

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