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Federal Reserve Fix Logistics System’s USA

New York (Benchmark News) – Shares of Goldman Sachs (GS) down the deepest since two weeks after The U.S. Federal Reserve issued a proposal concerning the new requirements for capital and restrictions on the activities of large banks in the physical commodities market.

Federal ReserveThe U.S. central bank in particular is demanding the company to increase its capital by their activities in commodity and trade physical commodities. The rules on capital reserves against potential losses in the commodities business involves electricity generation and remove copper from natural metal storage permit list. This will set the new public reporting requirements for ownership of their physical commodities, the standard keys that don’t require a lot of details.

The proposal was adopted to force big banks to divest the unit. The old rules in 1999 allowing some banks to buy heavy industry, including pipeline, tanker oil and electricity generation, such as quote

The Federal Reserve’s proposal in accordance with the results of the penuelidikan the Senate in 2014 aluminum business warehousing belong to Goldman Sachs. Metro International Trade Services which handle raturan handle the transportation of commodities transaction aluminum is hundreds of miles from one warehouse to another warehouse belong to Goldman Sachs.

The length of the trip forced the owner of the two-year wait until the metal to metal them out of storage. In the note, average delays of up to 40 days in 2010.

This condition affects the business of consumers such as car manufacturers of metal, a manufacturer of beer cans and consumers. At the same time the transaction between the bank and commodity traders have yet to take into account when costs logistis increase.

In Indonesia, the Government is also being pioneered in Cikarang efficient logistics. Bonded Logistics Center which is able to reduce the burden of the cost of transporting raw materials and logistics industry. This benefit will also encourage increased competitiveness of national industries.

Furthermore all food commodities and related industries who need be included in the scheme which is this. PLB can save the cost of logistics for the industry by 5-7 percent, said Minister of industry, Airlangga Hartarto.

Airlangga convey the formation of PLB is one of the mandate of the economic policy package Vol II issued pemerintahThe FED Fix logistics systems USA. (Red)

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